Simon Hogg
Managing Director
Started in Recruitment: 1999

With twelve plus years experience successfully managing and delivering to some of the industry's largest accounts, Simon is probably one of the most highly regarded recruiters in the Sydney market. Clearly though, the market doesn't know he has shaved legs, drinks decaf and loves wearing lycra.

If there's an office practical joke, typically it will be played on Simon. Feel free to ask him about the time we kept gluing all the calculators he was buying to the ceiling.

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Paul Foster
Managing Director
Degree: Bachelor of Science, Statistics (Macquarie University)
Started in Recruitment: 1991

Paul is known in industry circles as a thought leader on matters recruitment. In office circles, he's regarded as the industry leading consumer of chicken schnitzels. In both cases, one needs to bow to his expertise.

Paul also doubles as our resident wine snob. Ironic that someone with such poor taste in clothing has such great taste in wine.

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Marilyn Lennon
Principal Consultant
Started in Recruitment: 1996

Marilyn is a walking encyclopedia of (nearly) every technology that’s currently, or historically, available in the IT industry. She started in recruitment in 1980 and was an expert in Commodore 64 Recruitment. When she’s in the zone, her focus is magical – she can fill a role like Adele fills a stadium. Marilyn is also a fan of putting processes into place.

Marilyn is obsessed with the colour pink and ugly dogs. (Because those two things are obviously interrelated.) Her sneezes register on the Richter scale. 

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Amanda Guest
Account Manager
Started in Recruitment: 1994

When Amanda said she wanted to open a Wollongong division of Balance, we initiallly thought it was because she was too lazy to commute anymore. She, of course proved us wrong and is now without question the number one IT recruiter in the Wollongong region.

Amanda job shares with Amanda, which saves on stationery, although makes for the occassional confusing phone call.

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Silvia Williams
Senior Account Manager
Degree: Advanced Diploma in Foreign Languages & Lit. (Liceo Linguistico)
Languages spoken: Italian, French, Spanish, German
Started in Recruitment: 1992

We often refer to Silvia as a doyen in the recruitment industry, which she's not sure is a compliment or a sign that she's old. Either way, there's no doubt she is amongst the most respected recruiters in the Sydney market, having been in the business for 20 years.

Silvia was born in Italy, which came as a surpise to us as we thought she must have been born in a greenhouse. If it's under 35 degrees celcius, Silvia will be seen wearing a scarf!View Silvia William’s profile on LinkedIn 




Jin Low
Degree: Bachelor of Science/Economics (Memorial University of Newfoundland)
Languages spoken: Mandarin, Cantonese, Bahasa

Started in Recruitment: 2000


Jin is recruitment's answer to The Stig. A man of few words, but incredibly good at what he does; unless you include looking after the office fish tank. He's killed more fish than John West.

JLo also has the best nickname in the office by a significant margin.

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Natasha Foster
Operations Manager
Degree: PhD in Medicine (UNSW)
Started in Recruitment: 2007

Operations is a broad area that essentially covers all things we'd really rather not have to do. Thankfully Natasha is the go-to-kid for this stuff, and having a scientific background, she is extremely adept at dotting the "i's" and crossing the "t's". That, and making things radioactive.

As Natasha oversees OH&S, Environmental Management and Quality Assurance, definitely make sure she doesn't corner you at the next Balance party!

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Rebecca Hannington
Consulting Financial Controller
Degree: Bachelor of Commerce (UWS)
Started in Recruitment: 2011


Rebecca comes from the Shire, though she isn’t overly hobbit-esque (Paul is our resident Frodo impersonator). As our chief number cruncher, she certainly knows how to make a spreadsheet dance, though we don’t quite understand why that translates into her continual success in our Melbourne Cup calcutta. Perhaps we should stop letting her run it.

With a long history of chronic debilitating back injuries, Rebecca is without doubt one of the fitter people in the Balance office.

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Andrea McKay
Accounts & Admin Manager
Languages spoken: French, German when drunk
Started in Recruitment: 1993

Andrea is without doubt the most popular person at Balance. Probably something to do with her professionalism, her friendly nature and willingness to go the extra mile. That, and the fact she pays everyone!

Andrea's passions include sport, bourbon, Cold Chisel, and TripleM.



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