Balance Recruitment - Why would you work here?

Fun, relaxed environment- Balance isn’t a stiff and formal place to work. We enjoy having a laugh, we dress casually, and no-one is watching the clock at either the start or the end of the day. If the surf is up, the fishing is on, or your child is dancing in the school play, you can take time off. We also have a fridge filled with coke and beer, make many a coffee run and hold monthly team incentives.

Energetic, collaborative culture - People come to work here with a smile on their face and there’s always a bit of a buzz around the office. We share information, resources and even jobs. We all pitch in and contribute when it comes to sourcing candidates or creating leads. It’s genuinely a team environment.

Work with people who know their stuff- Paul, Simon, Silvia, Amanda Glacken and Amanda Guest, Jin, Marilyn, Bob and Nicole are all seasoned recruiters who are specialists in IT. We've run major accounts, built territories, enjoyed the highs, dealt with the lows and still have a passion for this industry. Combined we have over 200 years of recruitment experience in this business, so if you need some training, guidance, or just want to be surrounded by people who are good at what they do, you’re in the right place.

Competitive salaries with generous commission structures - We work on a base plus commission structure, and you earn commission from the first dollar you bill. The commission structure is simple, transparent and generous, and the commission is uncapped and paid monthly.

Willing to invest- Rather than a short term cost control mentality that pervades many of the larger players in our industry, we’re taking a long term view. As such we will continue to spend money on our people, our systems and having some fun, as we recognise these things are integral to creating and maintaining a vibrant place to work.

No pointless meetings, no KPIs and no office politics- Balance has a flat and open business structure. We don’t have process for the sake of it, we like to keep things simple, we’re very open, direct and most of the meetings we have involve bacon. We’re aiming high While Balance is currently one of the younger and smaller agencies in the market, we've got aspirations of growing into something much larger. Our long term plans include diversifying into other sectors of the white collar market (financial services, executive) and setting up interstate offices to give us national coverage. These are things we’re looking at in the next couple years so this could be a great chance to get in on the ground floor.

And allaying some possible concerns........

We are financially stable, Balance has no debt, an established base of contractors, strong financial backing from some of the heavyweights of the recruitment industry, and a diverse array of clients. There would be very few agencies in the marketplace that wouldn't envy that sort of position.

We have all the technologies and systems to enable you to do your job properly A bespoke recruitment management system, a database full of quality candidates, access to all the major job boards, IT support on tap, and an experienced & dedicated back office team to handle invoicing and pay rolling.

Plenty of support- while you build your territory.  As mentioned above, we take a very collaborative approach to our business. During the period when you’re trying to establish your desk, we’ll ensure that you’ll have some roles to work (with generous fee splits), and we’ll also be very active in term of providing leads. We also don’t expect someone to build a territory overnight, and will give you both realistic budgets and time frames.

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