Health and Safety

Safety is part of everything we do and written information is available in many different documents, training courses and information sheets.  Examples of these would be the:

·         Safety policy

·         Injury management policy

·         Training materials

·         Safety instructions

·         Labels

·         Instruction booklets


You should identify these in the area you work in and if you feel that you do not have adequate written guidance or training then you should bring this up with your Workplace Manager or Balance consultant.

Nobody at Balance or at a client’s site should ask you to do something which you consider unsafe, neither is it expected that you will act unsafely to ‘get the job done’.  

Balance is committed to your safety, and open communication on safety issues and many of our procedures in safety are aimed at ensuring this. Further, consultation between Balance management, employees and contractors is one of the most important elements in maintaining and improving Occupational Health & Safety performance.  We therefore need you to help us identify safety issues.  If you identify any hazards in your work place, or have any safety concerns please raise them immediately with your Balance Consultant.


If you identify a hazard

·         If achievable, eliminate the hazard yourself.

·         If you can’t eliminate the hazard, notify your Workplace Manager/supervisor.

·         If you or your Workplace Manager can not eliminate the hazard, notify your Balance consultant.

·         Complete a Hazard Report Form, provided to you by your Balance consultant or Balance’s Operations Manager.

·         When the issue or hazard is finally resolved your Manager will inform you of the action taken. 


If you are injured

Occasionally despite all our best efforts accidents may occur.  All accidents must be reported to your Workplace Manager and also to your Balance Consultant and will be investigated.  You may be asked to assist in this process even if you are not the person injured. If you do suffer an injury it is our expectation that you will assist us by taking positive action to return to work as soon as practicable because statistics show that you have a significantly better chance of a full recovery if you do so.       Return to work. Return to life.

If you are injured ensure that you:

·         Seek medical treatment.

·         Inform your workplace manager/supervisor as soon as possible after the incident.

·         Tell your Balance consultant as soon as possible. If you can not contact your consultant, inform Balance’s

          Operations Manager.

·         The Balance policy requires that all injuries are reported within 24 hours of the incident.

·         Complete an Incident Report Form that will be provided to you by your Balance consultant or Balance’s

          Operations Manager, and return it to us.

·         Consult a doctor to obtain a WorkCover medical certificate and seek treatment as required.

·         Take part in the development of a return to work plan.

·         Talk regularly with your Balance consultant and your workplace manager on your progress.

·         Make every reasonable effort to return to work as soon as possible.

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